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The combination of years of experience and a never-ending  commitment to innovation, allow the Venturelli-Romolo Ltd. to provide a complete range of products and desirable solutions towards performance requirements related to sport.

The Venturelli-Romolo LTD, when undertaking an operation, begins with a general overlook of the whole site and location as to where the work must be carried out. It examines every aspect to allow no room for mistakes. Following talks with its client about the best approach it proceeds.Venturelli-Romolo then assess the eventual costs involved to allow for a complete assessment before moving on. Next is the design technique where in accordance with the directives and referenced standards set up by our company we will establish a project engineer to verify the correct installation by our qualified staff. All systems will be installed in accordance with the directives and standards referred to in the timeframe of the executive project and in a workmanlike manner guaranteed only by Venturelli Romolo Ltd. .

As regards to the materials which will be used and all the systems installed, declarations of conformity will be issued certifying compliance with the specific regulations.

Throughout the whole life of the structure we will provide the technical support to the products and materials used in the construction of the plants. Venturelli Romuolo LTD also provides a routine annual maintenance which is necessary to maintain the continuity of the effectiveness of  the plant and also to allow for inspection of the plant in case of the need of eventual replacement of components which have been exhausted.