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The company

Venturelli Romulus Ltd deals daily with private individuals, construction  and roadwork  companies, public institutions, sports centres, farms, administrators of parks and other outlets, who contact the company to get suitable and customized solutions, but it is most effective in its supply of material and construction practices for fencing structures and sports facilities.

Venturelli Romulus Ltd has become a well-known establishment over the course of the years, not only for its quality production and installation of fences, but also for its reliability as a technical consultant for project designs for both public and private firms.

Our projects are carried out in a workmanlike professional manner, highlighting the need to give the same value to all angles, such as prominent public projects, such as the construction of fences at various airports or the fencing for the new  high speed track from Bologna / Milan – or towards simple projects of fencing for sports-centres or for villas, private condominiums, public parks and agricultural farmland.

From 2000, with the entry of the surveyor Stefano Fabbri as manager of the company , a new core business was founded which combined the capacities of the old management with the constructional  know-how of the new management . The combination of both these ways lay field to a new know -how in the construction of sports facilities, with particular attention to every particular detail and in all phases of execution to guarantee a finish; "key in hand ".

With the formation of the new management, Venturelli Romulus Ltd. proposed technologically advanced solutions for both sport and leisure, with a continued search for eco-friendly products and material of natural origin, through a direct involvement with those who love and practice the sport.

All efforts are geared towards the construction of sports facilities which ensure the best performance possible needed for preparation in conditions of complete safety. Taking into consideration all of this, it is clear the importance of every single component and operation of the entire project.

Every sports flooring by Venturelli Romulus Ltd. guarantees performance and safety. Amortization of shock, restoration of energy, rotational resistance, the bouncing of the ball, wear resistance are only some of the parameters which our flooring adhere to, performing to the highest standards set by the main International Sports Federations.

For some years now the Venturelli Romulus Ltd has also expanded its range of work-field, not limiting itself anymore to the national level, but with continuing works and projects in other European countries and withinAfrica. This was clearly demonstrated by the opening in 2013 of its branch inSenegalto better assist in coordinating the commercial operations, the actual projects and in the maintenance of the work carried out in the African continent.